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Here is a selection of recordings; for more, visit the links at the bottom of the page!

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Whispers is now available on all streaming platforms! Click the image to listen!

To Be is now available on all streaming platforms! Click the image to listen!

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Energizing Om is now available on all streaming platforms! Click the image to listen!

Colors of You Sound Meditation by Rachel Rivera

A peaceful sound meditation with accompaniments from wild (and pet) birds.

Featuring improvised vocalizations and crystal singing bowls. This near 12 minute video shows a snippet of what a session might sound like, new songs coming and going as the healing is drawn to different parts of the energy field. 

I am Powerful by Rachel Rivera

  • I am powerful, I am wonderful, I am here today. Stepping into your power is incredibly difficult. The world seems to get in your way, you seem to get in your own way. But perhaps if we continue to tell ourselves that we are powerful, wonderful, and here today then we will be present and see ourselves as the amazing beings we are! So take a moment and listen to this chant, which helped me a lot today, and was inspired by the two sessions I had earlier. Feel it in your power center, in your solar plexus, your heart, or your feet. Let these words sink in and maybe remind yourself of them every once in a while. 

Whispers in the Air by Rachel Rivera

Whispers in the Air​
By Rachel Rivera

Whispers in the air
Whispers in the air
Tapping my nose with the breeze
Snowflakes fall on my hair
Whispers in the air
Whispers everywhere
The Earth calls to me outside
I hear your call and I’m there
Whispers, whispers, whispers everywhere
Whispers, whispers, whispers everywhere
Rachel Rivera is a sound and reiki healer located in Maine. She sings what comes to her, be it in English or spirit language. This song came to be while she was out on a walk during an ice/snow storm in the woods. 

Castle High by Rachel Rivera

"Castle High" by Rachel Rivera is an acapella, improvised love song of the soul. While out in the woods with my dogs on a wintery walk I was called to sing, and this is what came to me. A song of longing and truth. 

Grounding with the Drum

Way back in middle school my mom, friend, and I went to a drumming circle at a local rock shop. The man who was running it looked at my friend and me and decided to gift us each a beautiful, handmade Native American drum. At this time in my life, I was just beginning to connect to my metaphysical side. I had no idea I would mention using my voice and instruments to heal, but something told this man that I was meant to have this drum. It’s been very kind to me and I love its deep, lovely sound (which the video does no justice to). Sometimes spirit gives you hints throughout your life that they are leading you on the path you are meant for.

Soaking up the Sun with Some Shruti Fun

The first t-shirt weather day of  2021 in Maine so I had to celebrate with some outside music on my porch! It felt like a Shruti box kind of day so here’s a little sound meditation with my beloved Shruti and me.

Introduction to the Shruti

Short video to introduce my newest instrument, the shruti box! Charlie, my bird, and I show you how the shruti works and how fun it is to harmonize to!

Heart Chakra Comes Out to Play

Just a little sound meditation before I jumped in the pool with the heart chakra F note bowl and my voice. 

Sound Meditation, Rachel Rivera, (Intention: Removing anger/fear from our beings)

Focusing on healing our society and removing the anger and fear that is seeming to rule our world at this time.

Sound Meditation, Rachel Rivera, (Intention: Healing the Earth and Pure Love Energy)

  • For this recording I decided on my intention of healing the earth and focusing on sending pure love energy all around. When healers heal others, we use pure love energy from the universe as well as from ourselves. Love and sound are universal healers. Because of how chaotic the world is right now, I felt that sending pure love energy was a perfect focus for my meditation. I urge you all to take this time and go outside, take in the music of earth. Sit on a rock, listen to a nearby stream. Pick up trash. Be one with nature. 

Sound Meditation, Intention: Removing fear from our energy systems

  • With everything that is going on in the world having to do with the Covid19 virus spreading, fear and negative thought forms have taken over our energy systems. People are panicking, and we are lacking in human contact. Because of this, I have decided that my intention for today was going to be removing fear from our energy systems. I urge you to take a moment from your day to day life, close your eyes, and just breathe. Maybe go on a quiet walk, sit outside, feel the raindrops hit your face softly. In this moment of breathing and just being, hear the sounds that surround you, feel the rain as it falls on your face. Allow the fear and stress dissipate from your energy system. ​

Singing Bowl Meditation with Vocals #2

Second recording of my singing bowls and me. Improvised channeling with voice, with the intention of mindfulness. 

Singing Bowl Meditation with Vocals #1

Here is a short meditation with the intention of healing the animals around the world. Featuring me playing my crystal singing bowls along with vocalizing. I am channeling with my voice. 

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