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 Rachel Rivera

Sound and Reiki Healer

Rachel Rivera has her bachelor's degree in classical vocal performance from the University of Southern Maine and is currently working on her masters in English and creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University. After graduating with her bachelor's, Rachel began to dabble in the healing aspects of the voice. When she came back from a three-month German language intensive in Austria, she started her Reiki training, which she hopes to become a Reiki master eventually. With her voice and Reiki hands, Rachel may bring you a peaceful healing experience. 

In June 2019, Rachel attended a weekend-long sound healing class conducted by Rich Goodhart, where she was able to connect to the intentions of different people and allow her voice to flow the way it needed to for the particular person's healing. It was this weekend in particular that spiked her interest in the true healing power of the voice. 


Rachel Rivera is Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III certified through Brenda Colfer, she also holds a level I certificate from the Sound Healing Academy. She has taken the Awaken the Illuminating Heart class, audited Heart-Centered Therapy Class 1, took a weekend sound healing medicine expansive class with Rich Goodhart at the Omega Institute, an intro to craniosacral therapy and energy work with Kimberly Ann Egberts, intro to mediumship with Richard Schoeller at Lily Dale, dowsing for spirit class at Lily Dale, and classes one and two of awakening your intuitive and mediumship gifts classes with Kimberly Ann Egberts.

For the more classical side of things, please check out my other website: 

Photograph by​ LAD Photog​raphy

Photograph by Sokhean Ouk


To assist in healing with sound and gentle energy movement. 


To bring the healing properties of sound to the world. 

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